Here are the answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions our firm receives.

A.  The information found on this website is general in nature and may not apply to the reader's situation. Therefore, the reader should not rely on the information on this website alone. For specific advise, please call us at 212-682-4667. Thank you.

Q.  What services do you provide?
A.  We prepare all tax returns including individual, corporation, LLC and LLP, non-profit, estate and trust, partnership, payroll, sales tax, property tax, and other taxes. We also sell computers and software as well as offering training. We offer bookkeeping, financial statements, accounts payable, and accounts receivable processing--in fact, any office function, including setting up an office, as part of our services.

Q.  I would like to know the value of my business. How can I determine this?
A.  We are affiliated with Avian Inc., a business valuation and consulting company who can assist you in this process. There are many reasons that business owners need to know the value of their interests. These include the purchase or sale of the business, buy-sell arrangements, succession planning, shareholder disputes, marital dissolution, estate and gift tax planning, to name a few of the most common. The professionals at Avian, Inc. are credentialed, experienced and ready to assist you.

Q.  Can you help me with my investments?
A.  We are affiliated with Better Financial Solutions, Inc. a registered investment advisory firm owned by Tony Fisher. We can set up an appointment with Tony who can help you determine your goals and the strategies that you are comfortable with. If you are pleased with his recommendations, he will assist you in the process of transferring your accounts to concur with those strategies.

Q.  I currently use an outside payroll service, and, frankly, have not been pleased for various reasons. What alternatives do I have?
A.  We now have access to a very good payroll alternative that you can access and use right here on our webpage. This is a reasonably priced alternative, competitive with the nationally known services, and offers you the flexibility of running your own payrolls on YOUR schedule. Direct deposit, ACH tax payments and easy import to your QuickBooks or other accounting software are features of this very good software. Call us for a demonstration!

Q.  I am concerned that my business is not as profitable as I would like it to be. What can you do to help me?
A.  We offer an operational auditing program where a team of our professionals come into your business to assess your company's operational strengths and weaknesses. We breakdown your business into the areas that are mission critical and offer recommendations (that we can help you to implement!) to get your business on track. Organizational efficiencies and profitability structuring are the keys to your business working FOR YOU rather than vice versa.

Q.  What is all this that I hear from your firm about "wealth accumulation and retention?" Come on...Is there really any thing that we can do these days?
A.  The answer to your question is an unequivocal "YES". Obviously, the markets have been tough on all of us over the last few years. But we have strategies available to us still that can get you on the road to developing a wealth base, and then in helping you to develop that base and RETAIN IT! Please give us a call and we will set up a time to discuss this.

Q.  It seems like everyone and his brother (except me!) has a retirement plan! Can you explain the various plans available?
A.  A good retirement plan can be an essential weapon in your arsenal for accumulating wealth. I will go out on a limb...Every business owner with taxable income from some source (whether from the business or not) should have a retirement plan to help defer taxes and to accumulate savings tax free! We can help design the PERFECT plan for your business and your circumstances. Give us a call so that we can discuss this!